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[03.12.2015] Happy 21st Birthday Taiga

Happy 21st Birthday to the cutiest SixTONES member kyomoto Taiga<3333

I can't believe this kid is alrealy 21.

I don't know what to say. Hope Taiga will get more drama & movies in future and Hopefully a leading role .
I hope SixTONES will debut so soon and I Wish all Taiga's dreams come true.

Happy Birthday baby Taiga ^0^

Onii-chan Gacha Blu-ray ^0^

My Onii-chan Gacha Blu-ray arrive last week yay. Somehow it is disappointed that Gentle didn't appear a lot almost 4/5 scenes only and the Blu-ray quite too expensive. Well, at least I get Gentle card yatta.

KAT-TUN 9uarter goodes

My goodes from KAT-TUN 9uarter

Ring Penlight so awosome

I am so dissapointed the Shirt  is too simple I didn't like it that much

The group photo are groguoes <3333

KAT-TUN's Come Here DVD & Penlight

Still not done watching the whole DVD T_T shame to call myself a hyphen

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Random Magazines

My precious magazines with SixTONES and Taiga

Recently, Taiga appears a lot in different magazines thanx to Elizabeth Stage

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Shokura 2014.08.13

This week Shokura YOUbin was hilarious. The 3 juniors who appear in this corner were Taiga, Yasui and Jesse.

20140813 ザ少年倶楽部.mp4_snapshot_31.30_[2014.08.15_16.22.59]

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Hello Minna San

I am Hana. I love everything related to Japan and their culture. I am addicted to Japanese dorama, movies, TV shows, J-POP especially Johnny's. My ichiban is KAT-TUN and among juniors I like Kyomoto Taiga and Tanaka Juri umm Bakaleya6 members all.

I love soccer a lot. I am rooting for F.C.Schalke04 a German club and A.C.Milan an Italian club. Among national teams I love Samurai Blue (Japan Soccer National Team), Germany NT and Italy NT.
I love Uchida Atsuto, he is the cutest footballer ever. For me, Ucchi is the most talented right-backer.

I started following Johnny's since late 2008 and Uchida since 2012 till now. I love Japanese language and I am trying to study Japanese by myself thought it is very hard BUT I will do my best.

Yoroshiku ne ^^